I don’t like how they apply Karina’s make-up

Is that her makeup for Season’s Greeting? It’s so beautiful!

They don’t give her any aegyosals, but they do give her a lot of black eyeshadow so that her eyes look a little meh.

1. The Season’s greeting was legendary. I want to see her glittering makeup on their Black Mamba stage, too. Karina is prettier when she uses lighter makeup.

2. Karina is way prettier when she wears lighter makeup, if I’m honest. It was perfect for Karina when she used light makeup in her NY vlog.

3. Yes, I agree. Aespa’s styling has always been a shame.

4. Karina was underwater shooting and had her face bare. Even with minimal makeup, she still looks stunning. But they continue to give her harsh eyeshadows so that she looks stuffy. I hope their makeup team listens to the feedback.

5. Sometimes I don’t like her makeup, but heavy makeup is more flattering to me than light makeup. She is more unique.


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