WJSN appear with brand new faces on Queendom 2 ?

1. I’m feeling sad because it’s that they’re losing the things that make their faces distinctive.

2. Before the surgery, they all had distinct and adorable appearances, but they’re all sporting the identical appearance. I’m not sure what the reason behind their agency’s decision to ruin these beautiful faces.

3. It doesn’t matter if it’s plastic surgery, or diets, the only thing that matters is that they are content with their choices However, Starship is known for not being aware of the aspect of beauty even though they’re great at styling and coordi; Jang Wonyoung’s face overall makes a too strong impression despite losing weight, and I’m not sure what the reason is. Seolah made her face look better since she already looked pretty. Dayoung seems more confident in recent times, and it’s nice to observe. She seems extremely satisfied with her work. I can remember the time the time Dayoung and Dawon were slammed when they first came out for being unattractive.

4. Seolah was pretty before, but she’s now pretty too. She looks like dancer Leean.

5. I’m not sure what else to say, but it’s clear Dayoung has been working hard… the face was gorgeous and adorable already.

6. I don’t mind if models look prettier thanks to plastic surgery . However, this agency needs to do more research on finding top clinics and making sure that participants don’t get too carried away in this way.

7. Seolah wasn’t in need of it, so why did she decide to do it.

8. Dayoung truly seems like the Gangnam beauty, and she’s the real.

9. Ah Seolah. No!

10. Seolah. I would not have done it.

11. Their earlier faces were better but they don’t seem to realise that.

12. I don’t understand the reason Seolah and Bona were able to finish their work. Did Starship press the two? I’m curious if the performers really wanted to do this or the fact that Starship was saying we need to get this one small thing done, or let us make your eyes pop with this, etc.

13. Double eyelids from Bona are unlucky.

14. WOW, Starship really doesn’t have an eye for this sort of thing. It’s really sad that Seolah needed to get her work completed

15. I am truly amazed by Seolah.


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