Nmixx 1st concept photo ‘N’ Haewon Sullyoon

1. They took beautiful photos, so why are they leaving comments like that?

2. Sullyoon’s face is amazing!

3. All of them have the same expression

4. They are good. They are beautiful.

5. Do you think I’m the only one who enjoys it? It was pretty for everyone.

6. JYP… JYP…

7. Wow, the rest were terrible. But Sullyoon’s face shot looks freaking amazing.

8. Sullyoon looks great in her face shot. Did they deliberately choose one set …??

9. They are so beautiful… You hate to blame JYP.

10. Even a small business won’t take photos like this… Spend some money

11. This was done by a professional. Is this the problem? What’s the problem with this picture selection?

12. These pictures are terrible

These are your rookies JYP You did the best you could.

Because she is pretty, the last picture is the best.

13. Quality is a serious concern

13. Sullyoon feels like she’ll explode

14. They are beautiful…but the way they took the photos is interesting.

15. What is the deal with this filter?


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