Kim Hee-ora releases statement ending school bullying allegations

article: 'School violence complaint' Kim Hee-ora “I sorted out my memories with the people in question… In the end, we decided to support each other.”

source: SBS (Naver)

[+1,249, -27] All celebrities involved in school violence are OUT!

[+1,071, -6] ‘Memory Clearance’ = Forced deletion of victims’ memories with money

[+298, -6] So you harassed them.

[+180, -5] I would like to know exactly how you will ‘support’ the victim haha.

[+138, -2] I am still amazed at her boldness in taking on such a character.

[+90, -1] I think an honest apology would have gone further than “gone into memory”… What memories did you set straight? What did you do wrong?

[+87, -1] What memories do you organize? Have you tried the Men in Black laser?

[+67, -0] What exactly does it mean to organize memories hahahaha?

[+55, -1] “I know what I did was wrong because I was young and immature. I have reflected on what I did and learned a lesson. I sincerely apologize to the victims,” the apology said. Suddenly claiming to have reconciled with the victim does not erase your image as a school bully.

[+33, -0] How about ‘summing up’ your acting career and leaving?

[+29, -0] “I organize my memories” Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha That’s funny. What does that mean? Hahaha how do I organize my memories hahahahaha

[+25, -0] just stay home

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