Jay Park promotes his special Soju label, ‘WONSOJU’

1. I believe he’s looking to go for a more luxury vibe, like hard liquors, which is an excellent idea

2. Don’t increase the price of soju.

3. Distilled Soju is typically more expensive, and I’m certain that the Jay Park name adds to its worth. 15,000 won is an impressive amount when you consider the whole picture.

4. I’d love to try this

5. I’m extremely curious about this

6. It’s more expensive since it’s distillation, therefore the price is affordable. I’d like to try it.

7. This is much cheaper than I had hoped! It’s distilled , so the price is an absolute bargain.

8. It’s less expensive than what I was expecting it to be.

9. 15,000 won for a bottle of soju distilled is not an unreasonable price. It’s not comparable to the regular soju that is typically mixed with water.

10. Yes, it’s likely cost more than regular soju, which is mixed with water.

11. The poor are all complaining. This isn’t exactly the kind of soju that you’re thinking about. It’s more of the high-end liquor type. It is not in any way connected with normal soju and will not make it more expensive.

12. This could make a wonderful present


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