Han So-hee returns from Hawaii and announces legal action against malicious commenters

article: Han So-hee returns home alone with a bright smile… ♥There is no shadow of controversy over transfer with Ryu Jun-yeol

source: SpoTV News via Nate

[+605, -58] Her fans are still shocked by her audacity to post a picture of a dog with a knife, but she's all smiles here?? What is wrong with her??

[+535, -17] It's so easy to see through, you can see me smiling on purpose to look healthy and happy lol I need to grow up more.

[+341, -26] Her smile seems so cheesy to me now

[+278, -14] I can't stand it haha. It's amazing how people's perception of people changes so quickly.

[+137, -2] Hahahahahahaha

[+82, -3] I'm trying to look okay, like there's nothing wrong haha ​​I'm wearing full makeup haha.

[+66, -2] No wonder she perfectly played the role of a con artist in the drama. It's so strange to laugh like this in this situation.

[+64, -2] She's still pouring salt into Hyeri's wounds. Even though she wears a couple ring she's such a bad girl lol that I'm completely in love with her.

[+50, -1] she needs to stay quiet

[+48, -2] When she was with him in Hawaii, she was only looking at her phone, but now she's smiling like this? Haha, it's natural to make an expression like “I'm completely fine, guys!” She is fighting another battle with the public.

[+46, -2] So, was she lying when she left a comment telling her fans that she would accept whatever happens? She thinks her fans would actually be upset to see her take this attitude now.

[+45, -1] That person seems really… strange… in the end.

[+45, -1] Maybe she lost her mind after getting ripped off online lol. She doesn't look super depressed or anything, but it's so obvious that her happiness is fake in these pictures.. lol.

[+38, -0] It’s very different from the Dispatch photo. You look much happier here.

[+31, -0] I can't believe there isn't a single person in her agency who can give her advice or tell her what to do.

source: Nate

[+375, -57] I don't want to see her anymore. Please stop reporting her news to her media. She's so arrogant… She doesn't deserve to be a celebrity.

[+98, -12] I hope to have a daughter who takes after her father.

[+57, -3] Ugh…

[+40, -202] Look at how swollen your face is from mental stress. Cheer up. Please don’t forget that there are people quietly cheering you on.

[+34, -1] mess

[+21, -27] Pretty… but psycho…

[+10, -0] One thing I hope she and her agency understand is that it's not the moving parts of their controversial relationship, but how she handles the knife photos and such. The sight of her concubine holding a knife to the queen's throat was like a scene from a historical drama.

source: Nate

[+240, -21] What's wrong with her?

[+179, -17] I used to like it… but now when I look at the picture, all I can think of is a dog with a knife… I can't imagine how much it hurt Hyeri to see that…

[+131, -4] Full makeup ㅋㅋㅋ I think all the girls know what my mental state is right now ㅋㅋㅋ

[+117, -0] I think the friend or manager in the Hawaii photo should take their cell phone out.

[+10, -1] Why did she feel the need to look so happy? I think he has some kind of mental problem.

[+5, -0] She looks so empty. Even her love seems so empty.

[+4, -0] Until the end, she tries to express herself by saying, “I did nothing wrong, I will never break down, I am a victim”…

article: Han So-hee plans to take legal action against malicious comments about her relationship with Ryu Jun-yeol.

source: Insight through Instagram

[+1,765] Now that Hyeri's statement has come out, it seems clear that it's been in the news that the two are still on the same page after their breakup, but Ryu Jun-yeol didn't contact her for four months until he saw her. Dating scandal in the news. She has every right to be angry. Yes, it's her fault for posting her post on Instagram, but Ryu Jun-yeol had to make it clear to her if he wanted to move on.

[+1,217] It's not Han So-hee's fault. This is Ryu Jun-yeol, who is in trouble with Han So-hee and Hye-ri during her relationship.

[+952] Well, you don't have to do that anymore… Han So-hee seems too emotionally charged.

[+461] Okay, but you're the one who posted a picture of a knife-wielding dog on a 7-year senior, so who's threatening a lawsuit here?

[+234] Also, the nature of it all… there's something to sue, geez…

[+354] But can you be more distressed than Hyeri right now?

[+200] No matter how difficult the time is, nothing can be harder than Hye-ri, who came this far while waiting for her neglected boyfriend.

[+297] I'm trying too hard to act cool for that lol.

[+203] But it seems like Han So-hee didn't know at that point, so wouldn't that make her a victim too? Why is everyone acting like he's a home wrecker?

– [+5] So the least she could have done was check her timeline with her boyfriend and post a picture of a dog holding a knife to her ex-boyfriend.

[+153] Just watch out for yourself. No legal action is necessary.

[+48] And you don't think everything you did was wrong?

source: Nate

[+637, -44] goodbye. farewell.

[+519, -21] He was the one who caused the incident by reacting as emotionally as you did, and now he's even threatening to take legal action?;; You really do most of the work alone…

[+347, -12] What's wrong with her?

[+196, -9] I'm still really bad at processing it haha.

[+71, -4] She can no longer recover from anything. She was completely broken.

[+68, -7] You are the one who gassed the public. This is ridiculous… all you had to do was say “we are not public transit” and keep quiet. You are the one who continues to fan the flames.

[+62, -3] this fun

[+58, -3] I'll do my best again…

[+54, -3] You proceed with the lawsuit. We will continue to boycott you.

source: Naver

[+3,808, -196] That impatient personality rears its head again… Now, she is the one fanning the flames by threatening legal action.

[+1,968, -40] How about reflecting on yourself? The public simply reacted to the disgusting behavior of posting a picture of a dog with a knife.

[+1,742, -87] What will happen to you if you sue us? You are the one who lit the flames at every stage of the scandal. You are the one who caught the public's attention with your behavior at fashion events and your posting of pictures of knives. Who are the real haters here?

[+1,294, -86] She is the one who poops on the floor and blames us. Yes, I've already seen the Dispatch photos~ My boyfriend was frowning the whole time we were together, but since she is his girlfriend after all, I think it would be a good idea to comfort her properly haha.

[+577, -69] Then stop reading the comments.

[+513, -7] He is a person who goes around posting on Instagram, posting on blogs, leaving replies to comments, deleting blogs, making Instagram private, etc. Haha, you have been really busy these days… haha

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