[PANN] Why is JYP trying to push Nmixx's Kyujin so much?

For the execution part and the center, everyone hands them over to Kyujin.
She is the maknae and works hard on stage, she is good at singing and dancing.
But the one who has the most recognition among the public is Sullyoon, right?
She is visual and sings well, I hope they can push her as she can become a problem and raise awareness… I personally feel like before Jinnie left, they should have pushed Jinnie and Sullyoon as their centers as much as possible. and they would have gotten so many fans…
Jiwoo has also lost a lot of weight and gotten a lot prettier, they should at least push Sullyoon and Jiwoo.

I'm a fan of NMIXX and I really like Kyujin ㅠㅠ But I feel like with her charms and her being the golden maknae, they would have waited a little longer until NMIXX got more recognition before pushing her. Right now, NMIXX is still in their debut years and they should wait to reach a bit bigger level before establishing their image… Sullyoon doesn't even need JYP to push her to create some hype, they should have given her an en instead, a bunch of individual ads. People always mention Suzy from Miss A, but the other kids are super talented too, so you'll never hear things like Sullyoon and the kids. This is just frustrating…

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Article: Why is JYP trying to push Nmixx's Kyujin so much?

1. [+40, -8]
Seriously, I just don't understand it. Sullyoon should be pressed hard for the images of her and she might have taken advantage of the virality with Jang-Ka-Sul, so why are they doing this?

2. [+38, -2]
And I don't understand Jiwoo and Haewon in their training either.

3. [+37, -10]
Kyunjin is super talented and I like her, but sometimes she does too much with her expressions…

4. [+36, -11]
Can't people who have seen the NMIXX stage understand it? Kyujin is overwhelmingly good on stage.

5. [+25,-5]
ㅋㅋ But apart from Pann, everyone else praises Kyujin.
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