Stayc has dropped teasers!

1. A tiny company that focuses on Koreans can locate numerous beautiful kids So, why is SM addicted to looking at China constantly?

2. Si Eun looks stunning in this image Si Eun is a legend

3. They have ruined this. This is the reason we’ll have a lot of pleasure watching

4. If you’re going to criticize others’ companies, you should cut it down If you’re going to take it on, at least be in the same direction. The guys were discussing the fact that So Bad was their best time when they released ASAP as well as Stereotype and making a huge noise. Then you’re dissing their hairstyle as not “safe” and calling this an “So Bad2”. Whatever they do to their hairstyle, you’ll end up hating them regardless.

5. Wow! Soomin becomes prettier the more I see her


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