Red Velvet fans send protest vehicles to SM for lack of albums

Article: Red Velvet’s fandom is doing protest marches in front of the SM building… “only two albums in 10 years”

Source: Insight + Insight via Instagram

[+217] I’m surprised they only have two albums when it feels like they’ve come back a lot

[+130] I’d say Red Velvet is pretty cool compared to f(x)…

[+71] Wait, they only have two albums in 10 years?

[+60] Is there a difference between an official album and a mini album, though? Apart from the number of songs, does it really matter if we keep releasing good songs? Not sure how it all works.

[+44] Their fans are so shameless ㅋ SM hasn’t been as supportive of their girl groups as they are with Red Velvet. This is the group that failed all of their comebacks and showed embarrassing results in their outings, maybe their fans are crazy to want more.

[+40] Yes, it’s a bit reckless. NCT Dream has three albums and Red Velvet only two???

[+35] It’s fair for fans to be disappointed that they don’t have official albums anymore but Red Velvet has a lot of good songs. I heard their song while I was walking down the street and I looked up and found ‘Feel the Rhythm.’

[+33] These fans are very conservative in their care

[+23] Fans are angry because they are used to seeing Soo Man around and now that he is gone, they still don’t get what they want ???????

[+21] Lovers are always against the greatest ignorance, how can they have so much money to waste?

[+17] Honestly… isn’t a ‘special’ agent more to blame..?

[+15] There is a time when members can focus on their individual activities while sharing information on SNS at a time… a truck does not change anything

[+13] You have to live in real life

[+10] Isn’t it like getting money?? Is there a person who is more famous? Or a hit song that everyone knows is a song? They are in a state of uncertainty, there is no reason to continue investing in them

[+7] It was the same year that Winner was made and they are famous for not coming back but even three of their songs

[+7] They are about to celebrate their 10th anniversary, let’s have a third album~~~~

[+5] EXO members sent five trucks to SM today. SM is focusing on 3.0 or whatever they are ignoring all their artists. EXO, SuJu, TVXQ, Soshi, RV, SHINee

[+4] Well, Mamamoo only had two albums in 10 years too….ㅠ

[+4] Whatever SM is going to give to Red Velvet is probably better spent on aespa right now ?

[+1] It feels like a lot of K-Pop fans can’t realize that in most cases like this, it’s not the company that’s stopping the artists from releasing more albums, it’s the artists. It has been many years and they are more vocal about not wanting to do this or that and their opinions are reflected more in these discussions. Fans can protest all they want and try to frame this as Red Velvet is desperate for a comeback but SM won’t allow it, but it’s usually not the case. this situation. SM is smarter and has more experience than any of you.

[+-] The only side that wins all this is trucker ajusshi

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