ATTRAKT releases soundtrack to Fifty Fifty controversy

Video: ATTRAKT releases soundtrack, Fifty Fifty’s state is current

Source: Broadcast King TV via YouTube

[+541] Wow, he sold his watch, his car, and the investment of 90 million won from his grandmother, all that was left of the betrayal… o What was the only fight that the Attrakt CEO was fighting this time? My heart breaks for him.

[+322] Fifty Fifty feels new and different… We all know how difficult it is for a small agency to do in this industry, that’s why I support them even more.. Unfortunately all this is bad.

[+215] Perhaps one of the most famous cases of a group shot in horror only to sink quickly …

[+208] Even if there are audio tapes available, the saints continue to deny it… See if these tapes didn’t exist and how much they would have?

[+189] This is why sound proofs are so important..

[+179] It’s not like anyone can see the faces of the members. Just change all the members and start the group again.

[+157] I also don’t believe them when they say Attrakt did nothing for them. Their first album dropped, and it’s only their second album right now but they’re sleeping in a three bedroom, two bathroom place. At that time, GOD was hungry because they could not buy a single ramen, and the Brown Eyed Girls lived together in the same room. In addition, the CEO of Fifty gave a two-month leave because one member was sick. I believe the CEO should have used that time to promote them with all the headlines they can get, but he prioritized their health and let them rest. .

[+141] If I invest every cent I own into believing them until the end just to betray them like that… I don’t know if I will continue to want to live. I hope the CEO doesn’t think bad thoughts and gets strong.. ㅠ

[+138] What breaks my heart is that even though the CEO gave everything he had, the traitors kept saying things to try to harm the CEO, but they didn’t. The CEO replied that he might want to bring them back and take care of their future. all together. He never accused them in any of his statements.
– [+8] That’s it for the group. Images are everything for these idols and they have ruined it. Also, the members have no flexibility, so it’s just a game now.

[+110] Just make sure the agency wins the lawsuit and these four agents are put out of business for good. Even animals don’t betray their own behavior like this. It has to disappear.

[+97] … The members aren’t talented, or good at singing, or that pretty… They were famous for one good song, and they really meant it ㅋㅋ

[+93] No matter what direction the Fifty Fifty take from here, they lose. I would stay in the CEO position if it were me. Unless he’s physically harming them, there are contractual provisions for a reason.

[+78] Now the recorded conversation is real and Ahn Sung Il’s statement is just a rumor.

[+71] It is very foolish of the members because they are not sure of getting support in another office. They must compete with other parts of that agency for advertising time. Their current agency has only one part – themselves – so they get all the support they need. I doubt any agency would want them now with their bad image in the industry….

[+60] What do Koreans hate the most? Betrayal of the hand that fed you.

[+48] It seems that even the agency has decided to part ways with the Fifty Fifty members judging by the way they decided to release the soundtrack. I just hope they can recoup their investment from current members and be able to launch a new group of Fifty.

[+42] If Fifty wins this lawsuit, there will be no room for small agencies in K-Pop

[+32] Looking forward to seeing people on that YouTube like “what’s XXX now?”

[+31] The religious people are flawed but the power from outside is the real evil in all of this

[+30] It’s just that they dug their own graves, huh ㅋㅋㅋ I didn’t know that even church members were like that.

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