The defense minister insists that no special concessions for BTS would be allowed

1. [+540] They should be.

2. [+399] That is the proper response.

3. [+314] No need to remind us, they must serve.

4. [+187] In any case, even if these people serve, their division commanders will phone them every morning to make sure they’re okay and have no difficulties. No one in their division would dare to give them a task like sweeping the barracks. They’ll very certainly be allowed unlimited leave…

5. [+148] They must carry out their responsibilities. If they are allowed exemptions from paying duties to their nation, would they also be granted exemptions from paying taxes? That doesn’t sound right, does it?

6. [+106] Simply abolish the whole exemption scheme for sportsmen and other sectors!!

7. [+52] Just leave already. All of their senior idols also served…

8. [+11] I had no idea that would happen.

9. [+28] Simply do like Super Junior did. Serve when summoned and return as a group after everyone has finished. After you’ve served, the public will be more tolerant and supportive of you.

10. [+50] Just serve with a light heart; it will be more beneficial to their careers.

11. [+17] I don’t believe any of the members have ever stated that they don’t want to serve, so I’m not sure why people keep thinking that.

12. [+30] There should be no exclusions.


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