[PANN] How did you find Kiss of Life’s Midas touch?

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Article: How did you come across Midas Touch by Kiss Of Life?

One. [+23, -3]
I had high expectations because it was so good just by looking at the trailer, but it was really good. It reminds me of the old Britney Spears sound. Their B-side was also good.
2. [+14, -0]
Since the previous album was so legendary, I expected this album to be relatively flat, but this album was also really good. I also really liked the song Nothing.
three. [+13, -3]
I love it so much
4. [+10, -0]
They really understood their concept of the millennium, and that's why it was so good. It's fun to listen to them

5. [+9, -2]
They really seem to have found their sweet spot.
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