Who are your favories among these groups? “AESPA, IVE, KEP1ER and STAYC”

Exactly who is your preferred member? Let me begin with Ive Lee Seo, StayC Sumin!

1. Sumin / Kang Yeseo / Winter / Jang Wonyoungng

2. Dayeon, Chaehyeon Winter / Wonyoung / Se Eun / Winter

3. Yujin, Yoon, Winter, Xiaoting..

4. Are there individuals like me exist with Winter, J, Rei, Xiaoting?

5. Hey Ive got Rei! Stan catches her very effectively. Additionally, she has an extremely chic style that matches nicely with her character.

6 Jang Wonyoung, Sumin, Winter, Xiaoting

7. Se Eun, Karina, Lee Seo, Se Eun, Xiaoting

8. Kang Yeseo, Jang Wonyoung, J, Karina

9. Yoon / Sieun, Mashiro / Kang Yeseo, Wonyoung / Liz, Karina, Kim Chaehyun / Xiaoting


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