Netizens were impressed by the photozone of Hanbok in front of BTS concert

1. Great job.

2. This is patriotism that is real.

3. BTS is more efficient than that of our government.

4. Never stop, continue exactly the same way! I am with your efforts, BTS.

5. Like what we would expect from BTS.

6. I’m very proud that we’re an amazing country that has a great group such as BTS!

7. A positive influence. I’m satisfied with them not for being famous or because I’m an admirer, but because I’m an American Korean.

8. This is the reason I’ve been unable to let go of these seven men over the past eight year… I love you always.

9. Hanboks are gorgeous, But I’ve been noticing how shiny and beautiful the silk garments that show through are that Chinese wear for their royal or martial arts films. Instead of trying to take something that isn’t yours Why not cherish what you already have? Why not claim your hanbok as yours?

10. As a soldier in the military I’m not an BTS fan, but I believe it’s better for our nation to give BTS an exemption to allow BTS to continue to promote our country in this manner.


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