[THEQOO] Nmixx 2nd ep "Fe3O4: break" highlight medley | A cappella see

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Source: theqoo / Translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Nmixx 2nd ep “Fe3O4: break” highlight medley | A cappella see.

1. The voices are incredibly amazing.
2. This is coming to daebak!
3. Wow, it was too goodㅠㅠㅠ.
4. Run for Roses is incredibly good… ?
5. Why is Lily's voice so good? she is too good.
6. Good job, good job.
7. Something big is coming.
8. Crazy, they did it so well.
9. Haewon's voice color in the first song was so good, the first song and the last song are the best.
10. Wow, the song sounds good… Let's play daebak!

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