Park Myung Soo is starring in TOP’s hit ‘Squid Game 2’.

Article: Park Myung Soo publicly expresses support for TOP amid controversy surrounding his ‘Squid Game 2’ casting

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

When asked about the drama about leaving TOP, Park Myung Soo replied, “I still like TOP but it’s not something I can say. It should be left.” give people the opportunity to try to come back. In my personal opinion, I think he should wake up and understand that this is an opportunity to work hard and regain the trust of the public. the public or they will accept him or not, and he must be prepared to accept the result. If public sentiment is this, perhaps it is right.”

[+1,259] Park Myung Soo said that the public’s feelings are right, so I can hardly call this a “public show of support” for TOP… It’s more like a show in general. The title will easily cause misunderstanding for people who read the title and not the article.

[+585] He said that well. It’s a very clean way with words.

[+557] The reason why TOP is so hated now is because of his attitude that leads to this type of behavior. He didn’t take time to think or apologize, but he was like “Korea can’t handle me,” “I won’t work in Korea anymore ㅋㅋㅋ,” “I’m not Big Bang ㅋㅋ, ” this is what caused it. very difficult for him

[+500] I respect Myung Soo hyung’s opinion, but I still hate TOP

[+317] I always find it funny that famous people hope to “pay us” for their crimes with many actions or songs. Getting off our TV is the best way you can pay us back.

[+193] He handled that question well. It’s not like he can sit there and be like “f*ck TOP! Who cast him? Lee Jung Jae?” I know there is nothing wrong with his answer. He admits his personal interest in her but also encourages her to work hard, and that..

[+153] Don’t forget, Park Myung Soo said that public opinion is always right

[+57] The fact that his brand is very controversial only proves that it was not enough to build his image in the background with the public. There is no reason to move forward at this point. The international audience is not the only audience of ‘Squid Game.’ As a public person, he should know that it is also his responsibility to pull back and wait until the public is ready for him.

[+24] The people on TOP are so funny when Psy also does illegal activities but his ‘Summer Swag’ shows are so annoying ㅋㅋㅋ

[+20] TOP needs to accept criticism for them and understand that all this anger is something he has to deal with. He is currently in the show doing nothing but working hard and repaying the audience with good performances.

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