[INSTIZ] Wow, Han Sohee’s high school graduation photo has been released.

Your skin is so white

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen
Article: Wow, Han Sohee’s new high school graduation photo has come out.

1. The proportions are really good.

2. Her proportions are crazy… She had to be a celebrity and her skin is also great.

3. No, but haha, why are the pictures from left to right? lol

4. It looks like the My Name days haha
5. No, but she looks like Jiwoo lol
6. Wow… I'm a high school student here. What's that aura…?
7. So pretty???? Similar to the My Name days

8. His face was the same

9. What? I think you would believe me if I told you this is a current photo.
10. Insanely pretty
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