[Insight] Rumors about Lisa’s casting in ‘The Walking Dead’

Source: Insight / Translation: KpopNetizen
Article: Rumors about Lisa’s casting in ‘The Walking Dead’
[+295] A singer shines brighter when she is on stage
[+81] She is the most popular member of black pink but only in Korea is she looked down upon because she is from Southeast Asia.
– [+71] Who looks down on whom?
– [+19] You are wrong, because there are many Southeast Asian members like Hani, Minni, BamBam, Nichkhun, etc who are not only the main members of their group but are also popular here. By your logic, Korean members of these groups are not that popular in Thailand, does that mean Thailand is looking down on East Asians? ?
– [+6] Don’t bring Koreans into this, you mean other fandoms that are jealous that black pink is doing well?
– [+4] She is the most popular in BP…???? This is the first time I’ve heard this
– [+0] ^ Internationally, Jennie and Lisa are on the same level.
[+16] Wait, ‘The Walking Dead’ isn’t over yet?
[+91] Please don’t get into acting as an idol unless you’re going to be as good as MBLAQ’s Lee Joon or ZE:A’s Im Siwan..
[+7] I can not wait.
[+8] Wow!!! ?
[+4] So bored of ‘The Walking Dead’ now
[+10] I like Lisa
[+4] For some reason, I’m getting excited…? ㅎㅎㅎ
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