Yoon Sang's father Anthony talks about life as an 'appa gireog'

Article: Anthony's father Yoon Sang “I was gireog appa for 14 years…second son and wife still in US”

Source: News 1 via Nate

Yoon Sang reveals that he has been Gireogi's appa for 14 years and that his other son and wife still reside in the US. “When he was just 14 years old. During my days as a radio DJ I lived from the canteens so I would take my meals there for three years. Now I have a family company as a pastry chef and I take breakfast in the canteen company. If I eat enough at lunch, I am too full I usually go to dinner.”

[+56, -5] I don't understand why people marry this at all. Choosing a lifestyle so unstable for future children that you can't even guarantee? And he spent all the money, with his first son overseas, only to return to himself and debut as an idol rather than a waste of learning, when all idol work is a good face. I'll never get it

[+21, -2] I don't feel bad for these people…they want to be gireogi apps

[+13, -1] Why are these people always forced into this life like others?

[+5, -1] We all know why these people send their citizens to overseas states… so they don't have to serve in the military.

[+0, -0] This is not good at all. Fathers should not relegate their lives to making money for their families.

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