Han So-hee criticized for strange behavior at Paris brand party

article: “Please be quiet” Han So-hee, what happened to the ‘attitude controversy’?

source: Everyday economy through Naver

[+631, -57] I understand asking people to be quiet while filming, but if you watch the video, you can see that everything from their facial expressions to their tone of voice is dripping with energy. It didn't sound cool at all. Plus she didn't film anything. This was not her privately rented space. That person had no right to tell anyone to be quiet.

[+370, -30] In that video, she acted like a bully. She probably got used to the “goddess” treatment and all her fame and thought it would stay with her forever. But the public may also turn on you after a while if you behave like this.

[+317, -35] If she's trying to handle a “dangerous” situation, she's not telling people to be quiet, she's telling them to be careful.

[+166, -4] Celebrities, just like everyone else, have the arrogance of asking people to be quiet in public places, tsk tsk. They act as if their job is as special as saving their country.

[+159, -5] It's hard to defend her when she tells people not to “be careful” but to “be quiet.”

[+77, -2] Look at her face in the clip. She didn't worry about anyone. She was getting angrier with them. Her attitude won't last long in this industry. No top star has ever been caught acting like her ㅡㅡ

[+68, -6] Did you expect good manners from a star known for his tattoos and smoking?

[+45, -1] I never thought she'd last this long, but who knew this would take her… After floating around the industry for a few years, she disappeared.

[+28, -0] If she wants to act like she owns the house, she should rent it out for personal use.

source: Naver

[+554, -80] Yeah, that guy was a little crazy…

[+223, -17] I saw the video, she left herself on a path of no return

[+108, -3] Think about it this way… Have you ever seen top stars like Lee Young-ae, Kim Hye-soo, and Kim Hee-ae act like this?

[+70, -5] I watched the video and it seemed so arrogant and arrogant.

[+48, -1] Sound has nothing to do with safety. She's just trying to show her true self…

[+34, -3] Her excuses are sad. It was a party and there were no safety issues lol. It would have been better to say we were tired and sensitive than to make fools of us with lies like this…

[+27, -1] I watched the video.. it’s a real color.. it’s scary.

[+25, -2] She always seemed so insecure

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