[INSTIZ] Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol's romantic relationship suspicions

(Basically, communities and forums show tons of articles using the exact same post with the exact same words and title.)

Just 10 minutes after the news came out, the same content was already posted on all 'Mom Cafes'.

Dispatch reporter Lee Ho-jun found the two people in the vast land of Hawaii one day and captured them on camera from the front.

Written by Junho Lee

Dispatch even sent a coffee truck to her, and she is Han So-hee, the only celebrity to receive a coffee truck from Dispatch.

Dispatch reported last year that Ryu Jun-yeol did not attend Hyeri's birthday, and Dispatch unilaterally claimed that they broke up before November.

“There was a rumor that Ryu Jun-yeol did not attend Hye-ri's birthday last year, but this is not true. In 2022, Ryu Jun-yeol organized a birthday party for Hye-ri and spent it with friends, but last year, he had to celebrate Hye-ri's birthday party due to the shooting incident in the movie 'Seungri'. “I couldn’t do it,” he said.

Meanwhile, 'Dispatch' was caught lying because there was no birthday party at the time.

“As a result of Dispatch’s coverage, it was confirmed that Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri have been separated since June of last year.”
As a result of Dispatch's coverage, it was confirmed that the two had been estranged since June of last year. In fact, Ryu Jun-yeol did not even attend Hyeri's birthday.

Han So-hee: I haven't personally heard the news of the breakup, but I wrote this based on an article from June of last year. If the content is rude, it will be deleted. Although it was proof that what I did was not a transfer, I think I may have acted rudely as well.
Dispatch published an article, but Han So-hee did not say that they broke up in June after seeing the article. Rather, that Dispatch article never existed and only appeared recently.
It seems like Dispatch is trying to drag Hyeri, his ex-girlfriend, through the mud. Not only are they making up things that don't exist, but they are even trying to paint Hyeri as a delusional and crazy ex-husband with lingering regrets. This was simply malicious. And this isn't the first time Dispatch has done something like this.
Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: The suspicions about Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol were organized by word of mouth.

1. What is viral content here?
> Han So-hee tried to play the role of a victim and tried to mediate her partner to the point of manipulating the incident.
2. This is legendary…
3. Wow, that’s creepy
4. If Dispatch really wanted to help Han So-hee, they should have planned this viral photo shoot in Hawaii and never mentioned it again. Why did they do this?
5. This is fun
6. I really tried to protect Ryu Jun-yeol…
7. So I was curious why so many people said that Han So-hee was the biggest victim, but when I looked elsewhere, the overall feeling was completely different.
8. Evidence of forced harassment against Hye-ri: The reporter who sent the coffee truck to Han So-hee and took the photo was a reporter who went to Hawaii.
9. It was true, because I always suspected this was a planned virus hunt.
10. This is really fun. It was so obvious that all of this was orchestrated, and you laid it out so clearly.

11. Hyeri ㅜㅜ
12. This is not all. Han So-hee has never released a graduation photo since her debut, but now a series of pretty graduation photos are coming out at the headquarters. LOL The moment ordinary people appeared on dating broadcasts, her graduation photos were leaked left and right, and her graduation photos were leaked left and right. Are you saying it was a few years ago before the graduation photo was posted? suddenly? lol

13. Hyeri, gain strength

14. Wow, the photos taken in Hawaii look really unnatural.

15. I should get married~
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