Mixed reactions to Netflix’s ‘D.P.’ second season

Article: Divided reactions to ‘DP 2’ and its larger scale

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+166] Perhaps viewers are feeling uncomfortable with how close to reality the show reflects…

[+151] Moon Sang Hoon’s acting is really amazing

[+117] I was a bit disappointed with how good at fighting Junwi was… it didn’t feel realistic… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Other than that, it’s a good watch, and there’s definitely a meaningful message that it’s trying to get across

[+68] I thought it was more enjoyable and realistic than the first season. Definitely a lot darker and heavier in content…

[+49] I found it more engrossing than the first season. Enjoyed it all the way to the end.

[+35] Struggling to stay absorbed in the second season overall! The yogurt electric car felt borrowed from ‘Extreme Job,’ Son Suk Gu feels like he’s still in ‘My Liberation Diaries’ mode, and the wife felt random ^^

[+33] I wouldn’t call it boring but I do think season one was better

[+12] I don’t think the writer has ever served in the army? Because some of this sounds straight up fictional. The GP and GOP could never just enter like that without prior permission. 

[+11] Unfortunate that there wasn’t real revenge for Ji Jin Hee. And Son Suk Gu’s wife felt like such a random addition. 

[+8] There’s never a second season that lives up to the first

[+4] For how highly anticipated it was, it did fall a bit short…

[+2] It didn’t live up to my expectations but… the plot is definitely the reality of life in the army

[+2] Season one is DP to its core, but season two is just… P? Felt like a mish-mash of random plots stuck together, and the ending felt unfinished…

[+2] I was a bit disappointed with this second season…

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