BTOB's Lee Min-hyuk accuses friends of contributing to increasing birth rate

article: BTOB’s Lee Min-hyuk was criticized by the women’s community for saying, “Please contribute to childbirth.”

source: Insight through Instagram

[+1,192] Hey, no one can say anything anymore haha. Everyone is sensitive.

[+1,079] I mean, he didn't say that to his fans. In context, it was a message sent to friends.. hahaha. Why is that a problem?

[+599] Conversely, imagine a female idol saying that there are not enough troops in the military right now and recommending that men cut off exemptions or public support and enlist on active duty… clearly on the news…

[+239] And what is so flippant about his words? he is a patriot

[+387] If this is worth hating, should we all just keep our mouths shut???

[+130] He wasn't asking his fans to have babies and donate, it was a message for his personal friends. Is this still a problem????

[+136] People are being too sensitive… I half-jokingly added, “But I believe it will take care of itself”… but I think that's a bit excessive.

[+130] He should worry about his own contribution

[+128] I saw his message. On his way to attend his friend's wedding, he left a message asking his friend to help increase the birth rate. That wasn't the message to these fans. But I wonder if he had to say that.

[+57] If you're going to leave the fandom because of this, get out of there quickly haha. It's so distorted.

[+98] Our society is not fit to accommodate more children. Whether it was a joke or a good-natured intention, it's completely ridiculous that he would say this in front of his fans because he wouldn't pay for these babies he encouraged to be born. Let's start with an example.. haha

source: Instagram

[+385] I think it's a bit surprising to say something like that in a messaging app with your fans. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha “Huh?!” I think you would say that. If my bias said something like this.

[+77] It was in the context of his friends. As he talked about his friends getting married and having children, he asked his friends to contribute to the fertility rate as well. It wasn't a message to the fans. The poor kid who gets this hate because of a joke he told his friend ㅠㅠ

[+137] Not a single part of that message was for his fans. He was talking with his friends. Where is the context?

[+111] It was in the context of going to a lot of weddings recently and asking friends to contribute to increasing the birth rate. There is no problem with this.

[+38] His fans say it's okay, so why do non-fans raise issues?

[+10] Then why don't you get married and have children?

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