BLACKPINK Jisoo updated her instagram with a new story

“Happy birthday Eun Youngro “

Eun Youngro is Jisoo’s character on Snowdrop drama.

1. Just as I was about to forget about that incident I was about to forget it, she brought it up again.

2. Crazy. She seems to want to be happy and not worry about any thing.

3. Wow. Jisoo. Why are you that way?

4. The head of her is empty.

5. Why is she making headlines for herself? This really frustrates me.

6. She appears to be a fool and cute in her speech and manner of speaking, but that’s only a notion. I believe her personality is totally different from the image we get from her.

7. What did she did? This wasn’t even a decent story.. She’s definitely naive.

8. She’s so stupid.

9. Oh my God I absolutely dislike her.

10. What is it that she does? Does she have a brain? My guess is that her brain is deficient.


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