Hangeng opened up about his mental health under SM

Article: Former member of Super Junior Hangeng “I felt disappointed after the debut… leaving the group was the best decision”

Source: Knowledge through Instagram + Instagram

[+135] I think the comments are too harsh. SM was guilty of an unfair slave contract at the time, and Hangeng often cited his experience with SM as a help. He also seems to maintain a good relationship with the other SuJu members. Hangeng's case is certainly different from other Chinese agents who pushed back their groups to flee…

[+90] As a foreigner, I'm sure he faced hardships that we don't understand. Please don't be too harsh on him.

[+75] In some ways, yes, he backstabbed and got away with it, but when you look at the TVXQ mess, it's true that SM was also guilty of slave contracts. I think it makes him even more angry because he is Chinese.

[+55] He had a slave contract at the time

[+33] But why bring this up now?

[+24] I remember him in his school days, he was so kind… I have memories of him being kinder than anyone else 🙂

[+18] But if you haven't tried under SM, can you create a career for yourself in China? I don't know if you would have been famous enough on your own… Anyway, stop talking about SM, please. I'm tired of it.

[+10] Yes, I agree that it is unfair and difficult for you… but it is because a company of SM's level took you in that you are sitting here today doing interviews like this and getting money from a job in China now.

[+9] I didn't know what China looked like when she was in Super Junior

[+8] He is very old

[+3] It's so easy for all of you to hate when you're all the first to sue when a company tries to tie you into a slave contract ㅋㅋㅋ

[+2] Let's be real, any 13 year contract is a slave contract

[+1] Hangeng's case at that time was a bit different as his injury prevented him from promoting with the group and leaving the group for an unfair contract would lessen the burden. breaching his contract rather than staying in the group. part but do nothing forever. It is something signed by both the member and the company.

[+0] All the Elfs knew at that time how difficult Hangeng was

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