Could Lisa become the daughter-in-law of the richest family in the world?

Article: “Father-in-law is richer than Musk” black pink Lisa, will she be the richest daughter-in-law in the world?

Source: Herald of Economy by Naver

[+3,071, -29] Technically, it has nothing to do with our country at all… it's like hearing the news about a Thai woman who happens to work in Korea and gets married.

[+663, -180] It could not have been given to him if he saw the prejudiced photos

[+334, -58] I doubt it even cost a few years, probably just curious

[+316, -47] She is such a kind of idol that she called her country and I wish her nothing but the best, but to me it is a little strange that she is involved with such a rich family… She has made enough riches, I hope someone who is her true love

– [+59, -3] You are in no place to “worry” about it

[+74, -17] I wish Lisa would be something more than a woman from the sea if she never became a black member of Pink…

[+55, -2] The richest man in the world from selling products that do absolutely nothing for the advancement of the people of the world or our health.

[+52, -1] He's probably just flirting around with her before he marries a more reserved and clever woman. It's a lot of real estate. You will give this for a year.

[+52, -3] If you go to any Thai site, they all talk like Lisa is suffering because of Korea, like Lisa is suffering because of Korea… Seriously, go run some Thai sites through a translator because everyone on their net is saying crap.

[+55, -10] What good could come from the attitude of riches? Even if she marries this man, Thailand will feel their pride and joy about her… they will not be pleased with us, which is why we would like to stop practicing foreign idols.

[+44, -8] Taking Lisa as a daughter-in-law from a prestigious and wealthy family? ㅋㅋ Nah… Probably just for dating.

[+28, -1] There is no marriage, not even an agreement… Why is the media already calling her father-in-law?

[+27, -2] I have to admit that I stand out when you see her in real life. Not only his looks, but his energy is brilliant and positive. You will do so much fun.

[+17, -1] So a foreigner marries a foreigner, why are you so mad? Sure, Lisa can make a life for herself from ours, but it's just the Korean countryside that happened to be doing the job, nothing more

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