[INSTIZ] Do you think Ador and Min Hee-jin will leave the Hive?

The CEO of Ador is Heejin Min. Can she run her own agency Ador with Hive as a label?

Or do you think he can't leave the hive like that?
Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Do you think Ador and Min Hee-jin will leave the Hive?
1. But is there absolutely no reason for her to leave? You can now run your business independently.
2. When you leave your job, you must open a new company.

3. Hive is the parent company, how can I leave? And he has no reason to leave. Min Hee Jin's seal is made to allow her to do whatever she wants and they give her all her support, so why would she want to leave? lol.
4. Hive employees are available so there is no reason to quit.

5. First of all, Hive will never let go of Min Hee-jin.
6. There is absolutely no reason for her to leave, and Hive will not let Min Hee-jin go.

7. Hive has already given Min Hee-jin some of its shares. Do you really think Min Hee-jin will leave?
8. But since Ador is a high brand, I received all the benefits from the beginning haha. That was more beneficial haha.
9. You cannot leave it as your own company and must transfer all shares to Hybe.
10. I guess the contract is different for each label? I don’t know if it’s possible to separate them with tags.
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