BTS fans are not at all happy that Hive abused BTS' name in media play.

<a href=BTS fans are not at all happy that Hive abused BTS' name in media play.

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video: BTS fans ‘ARMY’ explode with anger… “Failure to adhere to agency contract terms”

source: KBS News via YouTube

[+1,100] Yeah, everyone is talking about Hive right now, but it's really annoying that Hive keeps bringing in Bangtan and trying to use it as a shield.

[+1,000] At least the military knows what's going on

[+1,000] If Hive truly cares about ARMY… they will sue Dan World to tarnish BTS' image.

[+940] Even without Hive, BTS is BTS and ARMY. They are really smart.

[+579] They are right. I support BTS, but that doesn't mean I support Hive.

[+291] I am a New Jeans fan, but I support BTS. It's so inconvenient how Hybe uses BTS to take the bullets for him whenever he's in trouble.

[+456] Every time Hive gets caught up in a scandal, they use BTS to protect themselves haha. This is a company with a lot of problems.

[+950] The US Army has always hated Bang Si-hyuk.

[+150] Why Armies Wants to Protect BTS: The Dahn World scandal originally targeted Hybe, but Hybe continued to fail to come up with a proper explanation and tried to make it seem as if there was a larger conspiracy against BTS.

[+225] Bang Si-hyuk, don’t hide behind BTS! You can see the ship, but~

[+189] ARMY is BTS' fandom… not Hive's fandom!!

[+207] Hive violated trust by continuously dragging BTS into the Dan World scandal.

[+444] What's even funnier is that the legal hoarding was committed by Hive, not BTS, and Hive continued to spread slander against BTS in the media and used BTS' name as a shield. Absolutely no regard for his own artists.

[+114] Hive loved to let the media report that they would be fine without BTS, but they continued to use BTS as a shield against scandal. The military did not like Hybe from the beginning.

[+47] It's rare for allies to participate in something like this, but it seemed like even a large fan club was joining together to participate. Imagine how disgusted they must have been to Hive up to this point haha. The fans only accepted the contract renewal out of respect for the members' decision, but that doesn't make them fans of Hive.

[+203] I guess I should change the name to Shield Boys.

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