Black Pink’s Lisa flaunts her curves for the ‘Bulgari’ event


Article: Lisa black pink shows her forehead in the Bulgari incident “Did she really pay 10 billion won?”

Source: Insight + Insight via Instagram

[+934] He doesn’t even have to pay 10 billion cents to show off his forehead, he is very handsome on his bars;;;;;

[+448] Lisa is good at marketing

[+299] Her forehead is so cute, why did she cover it all this time?!

[+238] It’s even more beautiful on its straps

[+126] She definitely looks more Thai on top of her skin than below

[+107] She looks so beautiful on her trunks

[+106] Does he have a scar or something on his forehead? ㅜㅠ Her 10 billion won forehead is so cute

[+91] She is more beautiful

[+74] Nice up ㅎ very beautiful ❤️

[+51] I didn’t know Lisa was so beautiful

[+46] How has she been hiding a cute forehead this whole time, she gets queen vibes

[+23] I want his skin down~ ^^

[+18] She gives me Angelina Jolie vibes

[+14] She looks like Jessica Alba

[+11] She’s even prettier in her outer layers

[+2] She went from idol to actress

[+2] I still don’t understand why her forehead is so complicated, it’s so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ she looks almost perfect.

[+1] It’s stunning and stylish ?



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