VLive Situation Of Seventeen’s Dk Is Getting Tons of Retweets

Lee Dokyum stated: “No, but f * ck, in case he’d just allow it to slide, it wouldn’t have turn into such a big issue.”

Another member (Dino) didn’t recognize Dokyum was conducting a V live. Therefore he came in through the front door and then said, “On days when I would like to get insane, Yewon Nuna is incessantly there.

“Oh my goodness! She’s not in there?
(T / N: sort of general, therefore no context; he ought to be conversing with somebody else.)

The live stream wasn’t reuploaded.

Is Yewon Nuna his Manager or Nuna?
Why do you think no female is inside their dormitory?
It is really a friendly bond among female idols?
The opinions of fans tend to be split. ”

1. The reaction.

2. What had been his response? What is preventing them from uploading the video?

3. It’s simply because they pointed out the title of any commoner on live? They might simply eliminate a clip when they pointed out another idol’s actual name? Or

4. But no, why does he act like that?

5. If it had been only the staff they had been referring to, no one will be shocked.

6. And when that had been a personnel name, might it not be smart to eliminate the clip from the site?

7. The truth that he had been surprised as well as concerned is daebak.

8. If it had been simply a staff, there’d be no demand for this type of overstated response. Though it is important not if it is a staff or a girlfriend.

9. From what I have seen, it’s not a girlfriend, though a Female companion.

10. Had Vernon’s voice heard?

11. Exactly why was he surprised? It would not have turned into a problem had he not react.

12. He appears surprised he talked about the title of a personnel member.

13. It appears to be the lady who’s an excellent buddy of the members??

14. The name appears to be that of the employees.

15. He’d an overreaction.

16. For example I believe it is a employees name such as their supervisor. He stated that he wants going insane, therefore do you feel that his girlfriend is in their dorm?

17. Just why is he extremely astonished?


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