[INSTIZ] "I just looked at the phone and the floor."… Ryu Jun-yeol♥Han So-hee, Hawaiian quote

In conclusion, it didn't seem like much fun.

Han So-hee was more interested in cell phones than food.

Ryu Jun-yeol was eating in silence.

'Dispatch' boarded a plane to Hawaii, but everything happened in an instant.

It's fun -> It's not transfer love -> I'm sorry -> It's just the beginning -> So many things happened

Dispatch captured the couple's first date on the 16th, a day after they made their relationship official.

It wasn't the sight we expected.
Han So-hee looked at her cell phone and observed the audience's gaze.
Ryu Jun-er also looked at Han So-hee in silence.

In short, it didn't seem fun at all.
Sohee Han walked through Hawaii while looking at the ground.
Ryu Jun-yeol walked while looking into the distance.

While I was in Hawaii to check out Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee's first date, I was in Korea to cover Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri's last meeting.

According to 'Dispatch', the two have been separated since June of last year. In fact, Ryu Jun-yeol did not even attend Hyeri's birthday.

A very close associate of the two told ‘Dispatch’.

“They don't talk much about their relationship. But I could feel it (even if they didn't say anything). They used to contact each other often… but the time they spend looking at their phones… gradually decreased… But Ryu Jun-yeol didn't come to Hyeri's birthday party, so everyone was upset. “I felt something was strange.”

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen
“I was just looking at my phone and the ground”… Ryu Jun-yeol♥Han So-hee, date in Hawaii

1. Delivery is also great. Can you leave them both alone? sigh…
2. Have I done something bad enough to deserve this?
3. It's a pity… I hope everyone is happy.
4. Wow, so Dispatch followed suit as soon as they acknowledged their relationship?
5. So in the end, it wasn’t transit love. I think we need an article that simply states the facts.
6. It was in early November that the two actually decided to break up. 7 years of love is over. This was from a Dispatch article.
> Yes, then it wasn't transit love.
7. No, but why are they being copied overseas?…
8. Dispatch is disgusting.
9. I hope you have a good relationship.

10. Honestly, I feel sorry for you
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