Hyeri continues work as usual.

article: Hyeri, ‘bright smile’ even when Han Sohee’s name was called… positive news

source: TV report through Nate

[+729, -74] Hyeri, don’t worry about anything and enjoy life. We all understand your point of view. You have the right to think the situation is “funny.” You've been dating this guy for 8 years, he promised to keep the conversation going, but after 3-4 months it all ended up with someone else on vacation. Of course it's fun for you. It's fun for us! Don't be discouraged by these things and surround yourself with good people.

[+297, -22] Just ignore her… fight fire with fire and you will be no different than her. I'm glad she broke up. The new couple seems perfect for each other. Hyeri, I support you.

[+211, -29] Ignore her! Hyeri, fighting!

[+29, -6] Hyeri is doing well in everything! In the end, she is the winner~

[+27, -4] So Hee, the more you act like this, the more support Hyeri will receive. You're doing this all to yourself…

[+27, -6] There is no point in replying to someone who is in a bad state of mind haha. Hyeri has no reason to reply during her period.

[+27, -7] Hyeri, it’s a good thing we broke up~ There are many better people in the world. Just live confidently as you are.

[+24, -5] Hyeri, pursue whatever you want~~

[+22, -6] I still don’t know why Han Sohee thinks Hyeri’s ‘fun’ is her job lol.

[+15, -5] Hyeri handled this as a mature manager. It actually made me like her a lot more.

[+14, -3] Hyeri, just smile. We know you will make the best choice for yourself, but there is absolutely no reason for you to respond. Stay as bright and happy as you are now~ There are so many people supporting you~~

[+8, -2] Rather, thanks to Han So-hee's actions, I think Hyeri can now live forever. oh my god.

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