NMIXX’s Sullyoon is sporting an image of a male idol on her phone?

1. Couldn’t she just be an avid lover? Sullyoon can be a fangirl as well isn’t she?

2. I think she’s simply an avid lover. Sullyoon’s at the point where she’s interested in male celebrity. I’d think they were in a relationship in the event that there were photos of them hanging out in private, but I believe the phone photo is an example of her being a fangirl.

3. Wow, Shownu has a gorgeous fan. I’m jealous.

4. Idols can also be fangirls. Sullyoon wasn’t an idol up until her most recently, when she only launched her career.

5. It’s like the photo of Shownu.. She could have a crush on her? have idol images as background images on my phone as well. I don’t believe it’s right to make up rumors that they are dating because of his background. Particularly when the image is easily found online and not a picture taken by her she took herself.

6. It’s obvious that she’s an avid fan. Sullyoon’s still an under-age. and Shownu’s an adult.

7. She has an incredibly large age gap between her and Shownu which is evident that she’s not an Monsta X fan.

8. Maybe she was a fan of him before she made her debut.

9. She’s definitely not a fan. Think of the age difference. and Shownu’s been serving in the military since the beginning of July.

10-. She’s at the point where girls start getting obsessed with girl-girling.

11. Winter used to be an avid Baekyhun fan, too. No huge issue.

12. This is not at all controversial considering that male idols make use of nude 19+-rated pictures for backgrounds.

13. She’s obviously only an avid fan.


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