BoA looks like a doll in the comeback waiting room

article: BoA, doll in the waiting room

source: OSEN via Nate

[+79, -3]
It's funny to see her say “I'm BoA” haha

[+65, -1] Something looks really strange.

[+44, -1] What did they do to that pretty face? There's no trace of what it used to be.

[+39, -0] She's pretty in the picture, but there's no denying that her face has changed.

[+9, -0] Let's put the photoshop away from this photo and talk about it.

[+7, -0] I see Wendy

[+6, -0] Just keep your mouth shut like these pictures. When she smiles or talks, her filler looks too obvious. I hope that instead of continuing to complain about people she doesn't like and getting more hate for it, she recognizes and accepts that she's done her job.

[+6, -0] Haha, yes, this photo is edited.

[+4, -0] It doesn't look like that lol

[+1, -0] He looks handsome here, but in other photos he's a completely different person.

article: BoA's 'lips are weird' malicious comment… BoA “Stop wasting your life”

source: Kookmin Ilbo (Nate)

[+84, -3] Since when do comments that seem strange start to be left as hateful comments?

[+51, -1] Celebrities are funny. Who cares whether someone wants to waste their life or not?

[+51, -0] By that logic, even fans who say she's pretty are wasting their lives.

[+41, -0] I mean.. calling something weird that seems weird is a hate comment. Haha, are the words you don’t want to hear now malicious comments?

[+21, -0] BoA seems really triggered haha

[+2, -0] Sorry, but “I’m BoA” hahahahaha

[+2, -1] I've always liked BoA's original face, but it's a shame that her greed ruined it. She wishes she had learned how to age naturally…

[+1, -4] A characteristic of Koreans is that they feel they can say anything because it is their right, without any consideration of how much it might hurt the other person. Freedom of expression is not used like that.

[+0, -0] I think the smoke is more of a problem than the lips.

[+0, -0] I think the acting is so bad that people focus too much on looks. If she had focused on her acting, she probably would have gotten less attention.

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