By renewing with JYP, Twice is able to overcome the curse of 7 years

1. Our Twice was able to break the seven-year curse very easily… and we are really grateful. Let’s remain 9 forever!!! And JYP, you had best treat Twice with respect since you won’t find another group just like them ever again.

2. I am crossing my fingers that the renewals on Day 6 go well.

3. 9wice would like to extend their gratitude to everyone who renewed.

4. Oh my goodness, I put all of my faith in them!

5. Many congrats to Twice on the extension of their contract!!!!

6. Over the last seven years, you’ve put in a lot of effort. Let’s be in constant solidarity.

7. Nice.

8. Kudos, congrats They overcame the barrier of the seven-year curse, which was something that not even the Wonder Girls or Miss A were able to achieve. They were a female group from JYP. I really hope that ITZY and NMIXX will be able to break the curse just like Twice, and that they will be able to renew as well.

9. Due to the fact that they have skills,

10. I don’t believe the other members of JYP, with the exception of Nayeon, are in a position to quit the group anyhow. I wouldn’t argue that Twice succeeded in breaking the seven-year curse.

11. I wouldn’t call them talented; with a few exceptions, most of them are unable to sing.

12. One of the bands that, no matter how many times they are asked, will never be able to perform at Coachella.

13. They are the JYP group with the fewest members, but despite this, they are the group that has been together the longest.


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