[INSTIZ] Kim Yoo-jung is going to Miu Miu!


Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Kim Yoo-jung goes to Miu Miu!

1. Huh? Wasn't he with Chanel?
> Miu Miu Hong Kong!

2. Yujeong also matches well with Miu Miu.

3. It’s pretty, but it doesn’t match Miu Miu lol.

4. So damn pretty…

5. Wow, it’s really pretty. It's so pretty that it goes well with anything. You have a great face

6. It’s very cold today. His clothes look very good. Have a nice trip.

7. It’s really cold today haha ​​Yujeong is pretty.

8. Miu Miu also looks good on it. No, but why are you so pretty? Haha so pretty…

9. Miu Miu is pretty and suits you well.
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