[INSTIZ] Han So-hee does not close the comment window despite malicious comments directed at Hyeri.

“I don’t like cursing others, but Hyeri finds it a bit unpleasant.”

“I’m rooting for you, Sohee~ You’ve had a hard time getting involved with those two weirdos haha.”

“It's fun haha
What kind of situation is this?
Hyeri is the one who created the bandwagon against him.love public transportation“But if (Han So-hee) had stayed still, people would have thought it was transit love.
And those bitches Even though (Han So-hee) said no, she is still pushing for transit love. “Stop saying this nonsense.”

“Sohee, you worked hard.
She and her ex-boyfriend should have worked things out on their own. The person who causes public trouble against a blameless person, and the person who cowardly tries to avoid the situation, regardless of whether his girlfriend is criticized or not, will both receive karma.

“What do you want us to do about Hyeri’s fall? Who broke up with her out of regret for no reason? Haha. This is all because of people like you who like and are fans of people like Hyeri!”
“Han So-hee is trying to protect herself, not Ryu Jun-yeol. And Hyeri herself is the one who created the misunderstanding.”

“Please never get involved with a girl like Hyeri again. She’s not on your level. I’m waiting for your next project. I will always be your fan.”

“Hyeri, that person’s politics hit me really hard. Politics is really scary. You throw a spark and if you react, it grows. If you stay still, it becomes a fait accompli. If that person does something, it will be over, but if you refute it, ‘This is funny.’ Why are you so sensitive to one sentence? “Why are you so sensitive?” If you do that, you will become an attention seeker and trash. How upset Han So-hee must have been because she has a personality that drives others crazy. Han So-hee is a very popular celebrity, so it became like this. . If a commoner did something like this, he would be treated the worst. Hye-ri, your words are so immature and a coward. Please don’t live like this, Hye-ri.”
“Hyeri and Ryu Jun-yeol are truly new. They have been dating for 8 years, and Han So-hee was the real victim from the beginning to the end. Stop saying, “I will always support Han So-hee!” Accusing her of her unfair “crazy” comment, she's already explained her situation, so don't twist it to suit her own agenda.
Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Han So-hee does not close the comment window despite malicious comments directed at Hyeri.
1. How about closing the comments section? She's allowing all those strange people to gather.
2. How about closing comments…? she is cool
3. Damn… I should have closed the comment window, but why do I keep it open?
5. And it is better not to not read your own comments, but to close them.
6. Han Sohee has a lot of fans.
7. I wonder when this post will be deleted.
8. What is happening? Haha sigh
9. Actually, he was an actor I liked. Why is that? ㅜㅜ
10. As an actor and a fan, I blame everything on Hyeri.
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