[PANN] Newjeans Coca Cola vs Ive Pepsi

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Article: Newjeans Coca Cola vs. Ive Pepsi

1. [+67, -4]
Hul so ive getting trolled for even a CM song

2. [+64, -7]
Right now, IVE hasn’t even come back and they still hate them ㅎㅎ This is proof that they’re A-tier.

3. [+59, -2]
You bitches who aren’t even a fan of NewJeans are hating IVE while wearing them.

4. [+58, -29]
Is this even comparable? Zero is #4 on the TOP100 and #6 on the daily charts ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+52, -1]
First of all, they are both on the A list and they are doing much better than Le Sserafim who is on the B list.

7. [+48, -24]
Of course Coca Cola by NewJeans

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