Han So Hee was surprised by Dior

Article: Why is it an embarrassing dress for Han So Hee? Full body and undergarment…

Source: Chosun Games by Natee

[+117, -5] It's so nice of him! What's the matter?!

[+49, -2] He looks so good, but???

[+22, -4] Thanks to his coordinati-nim for giving us this eye cleaning

[+16, -0] What's going on with her dress? It looks pretty to me

[+5, -5] I think Han So Hee looks better in the dress…and her coat looks like a granny coat. He managed to pull it off, though!!

[+3, -0] Han So Hee is so cute

[+3, -0] She is beautiful no matter what she wears

[+2, -0] Not too sexy, looks good on her

[+2, -0] His aura alone can pull anything off

[+2, -0] What is the fuss about? She must have agreed to wear it, and it looks amazing

[+1, -0] You could put her in a potato sack and still look cute. His face is doing all the work.

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