[THEQOO] A girl group member who increasingly resembles Espa Winter.

The person in question is Kotoko from Eunice (a group that debuted with Universe Ticket).

In Universe Ticket, I had short hair.

Once she was chosen, she changed her hair to short black hair.

what do you think?
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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

A girl group member who is increasingly resembling Espa Winter.

1. It looks the same as the last photo.
2. They look similar
3. It contains 1 tablespoon of winter, so it is difficult to say that it is similar. She is pretty in a different way than winter. Winter is prettier and has a more unique look.
4. I'm not sure
5. Firstly, they don't really look similar, and secondly, if this is a viral marketing strategy, you should try to find a better way. After reading this, I don't even remember the woman's name or where she came from. The only thing I could think of was, “Don't they both look alike?”
6. When there is a rookie, people always look for doubles. There were three members in aespa who looked like Jenny.
7. Ah, I thought it felt similar…
8. What do you mean? They don't look alike ㅜㅜ Kotoko is cute. What is this troll post?
9. I thought you were talking about e-Winter…
10. If this were a business publication, it would be somewhat…
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