Taeyeon’s stage clothes

As she quit SNSD around the early 2000s, there had been no makeup or hair that didn’t fit Taeyeon.

She’s dull skin and consequently goes well with both black and blonde hair.
She may even put on any look or design.
This past season her styling became well known for the Weekend.

I as well look ahead to her fashion due to this comeback.
You could trust Taeyeon with songs.
However, she’s back with a further complete album.
Look ahead to 2 / 14 at 6PM.



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There’re a lot of legendary gifs in case you search Taeyeon during Mister Mister.

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Everyone, look at the legendary Why Taenggoo. She’s pretty in gifs but she’s freaking pretty in the MV. The song is also freaking good. If you like refreshing songs, listen to her side tracks too
Check out the legendary Why Taenggoo. Everyone. In gifs she appears lovely, but within the MV she is beautiful and the video is likewise decent. Pay attention to her side tracks when you love refreshing tracks as well.



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