SM stocks fall after Aespa’s Ningning congratulates China for controversial short track gold medal

1. The Chinese are always the exact same at the end… Return to your country, China…

2. Stop putting Chinese children in our idol groups

3. Start a petition to get Ningning kicked out of the group. Aespa has been making me dislike them lately, but I have been liking her in the past.

4. Do you find getting the gold medal something that makes you happy? You would be embarrassed.

5. While I appreciate your support for your country, it is important to do so at the right time when you are making your money here in Korea.

6. Why is SM still taking in Chinese children and letting them earn money in the United States? Are their backs not hurting from all the stabbery?

7. At the very least, if all your income comes from Korea, you should be able to keep quiet. Although I don’t care if she posted it on Weibo, she did post it on a Korean platform where her fans pay money to view.

8. She can support the gold medal if it was fair and squarely earned. The medal is currently in the middle of many controversies and it would be irresponsible of her to publicly support something she might have stolen.

9. SM is a fool. Another Chinese member, after having been backstabbed so many more times by Super Junior and EXO. Pffft.

10. It is time to stop supporting any group that has Chinese members. These opportunities should be available to more Korean children.



1. It is impossible to hide your blood! I will vote for the next candidate, who promises to expel all these Korean-Chinese from our country.

2. You think Black Pink and BTS are so popular? It’s because they don’t have any Chinese members. I won’t listen to any group that has a Chinese member.

3. Ningning is well-known for his resentful attitude towards Korean culture in China.

4. It’s hard to tell if she is foolish or just stupid. It’s one of many Chinese celebrities that we have seen in Korea. Do not be afraid to follow the example of those who have gone back to China, and make your fortune there.

5. Lee Soo Man does it again…

6. BTS is a world-famous group, but it has no Chinese member. So why do groups continue to add Chinese members? I don’t think it would surprise me if China claimed that they have created K-Pop. While Japanese members are fine, there is no reason to have Chinese members. It will only make the world more irritated.

7. It’s all part of a larger plan. This is a big plan.

8. That’s it from Aespa… goodbye

9. SM has not changed since being betrayed after all the time by their Chinese idols

10. Her brain is truly top-notch



1. You can be happy as much or little as you like. However, you must also be humble.

2. If China is your favorite country, you should go there to make your fortune and live there.

3. SM must be hated for this. They must stop creating idol groups that have no Chinese members. They don’t realize the strong public sentiment against China. They are stealing our culture and putting it down. Are you really willing to allow more Chinese idols to train with you?

4. No more Chinese idols

5. Is it possible for Chinese to feel embarrassment?

6. SM is now suffering from a serious mental disorder. They keep getting backstabbed so often by Chinese idols but they keep adding them to their list. They are mentally ill.

7. The Chinese idols come to Korea to steal all the money and then talk about Korea. They must be stopped coming in.

8. This is why I don’t care for idol groups with Chinese members




1. Ningning can make off to China. Never again step foot on this land.

2. Why is SM so stubborn in adding Chinese members to its ranks?

3. Imagine how little she thinks about our country. Chinese children are always the same. They are successful in Korea, then they go back to China to make more money. This has happened repeatedly so why are we adding them to these groups?

4. No more Chinese idols. CCP is a scourge of my soul.

5. She can be content to be happy that her country won a gold medal… but it was not fair. She should be ashamed. She should be ashamed that her income is dependent upon K-pop.

6. SM is more problematic to me than her.

7. Why can’t SM create groups with Korean members, like BTS?

8. No more Chinese members in boy or girl groups. They do not help.



1. This is why you shouldn’t add Chinese members into groups. SM amazes me truly.

2. Ningning can support her country, but it’s okay for me to see that she is Chinese.

3. It could be a business tactic, considering the behavior of Chinese idols. Use language to incite conflict between Korean and Chinese people -> gain support from Chinese netizens by being the Chinese idol member. -> Incite Korean netizens to make hateful comments about Chinese idols -> get sympathy and support from Chinese media -> loseluster popularity in China -> now considered a Chinese patriot leader -> new life of wealth and fame in China

4. If the gold medal was not unfair, I’m sure that netizens would have congratulated her on her home country’s win… but China won that medal through outrageous cheats and Ningning’s continued congratulation only made this a controversial issue.

5. It seems that she doesn’t have any consideration for her fellow members. She should not have said it, at the minimum, out of concern for her fellow members.

6. It is fine to cheer for your country… but it changes the outcome if the medal wasn’t earned fairly. This gold medal is not just a Korean issue, but it’s a global problem. How much would a medal such as that really be worth?

7. A recent video shows Aespa receiving an award. They are giving an award speech for Ningning’s sudden ability to speak Chinese. Winter’s eyes are widening as you can see. I was struck by the incident that led me to feel uneasy about Ningning. Seeing her pull this off now makes it all seem even more bizarre. I’m speechless

8. It is obvious that she must know that posting such a message will only harm her and other members. I don’t get why she would do this.


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