Public sentiment is on the CEO’s side in the Fifty Fifty controversy

Article: When the CEO sells their Rolex for them… Fifty Fifty files lawsuit to terminate contract over wage dispute.

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+2,782] Sigh… Even the group 1 girls didn’t get paid until a lot of time had passed… If they hadn’t rushed themselves like that, they might have enjoyed a bright future, but instead they chose to block it. turn off all light

[+1,634] It’s almost seven months since they started and they want to pay? There is no way they can have the courage to make a wish without an outside force behind them.

[+1,604] If the rumors are true, I refuse to support them again. It’s never possible.

[+1,128] Now they have chosen the way to destroy themselves…

[+958] This is the first time I’ve felt bad for the CEO

[+823] Greed leads to the fall…

[+487] The company is always the stronger party when it comes to giving stories to the media so I want to check the facts instead of just blindly believing.
– [+373] The facts have been checked. They are only seven months in and are demanding payment while requesting termination of the contract with their main producer.

[+463] Aigoo, I wanted to join them when I heard rumors of an alien force but now it seems they think it’s on black pink or something.

[+384] It is very wrong to do this seven months in the beginning… They could review their situation in one year, two years, three years, and make appropriate demands at that time. Even a new employee can’t send their ideas when they are first employed.

[+257] Aren’t they in a position where they should owe the company if we are talking about fair wages?? It costs millions to produce an idol.. I don’t know who this group is and they want to pay for it already?

[+253] I may know your song but I don’t know your face

[+200] Fifty Fifty may be famous outside and charts on different charts, but the inside of that is not defined by the amount of money, and certainly less than the top investors who are available now like New Jeans, IVE, or Le Sserafim!! Seven months into the beginning, I doubt there will be anything left after taking all the expenses… Who is raising a false hope in these girls?

[+83] Can’t tell if their parents are dumb or if it’s the members themselves, but we Koreans really value ungratefulness and it will be hard to get your job back if your image turns into a betrayal. like that ㅎ

[+65] The question is because I want to know, but is it normal for idols to work without pay for seven months? As long as the agency provides housing and food, should you work for them for years for free? Isn’t that slavery?
– [+344] It’s more than that. On average, it takes about 2 billion won in investment to get one of the girls including housing, lessons (language, dance, singing, rap), physical therapy, psychological therapy, making of song and choreography, hair and makeup, staff, office. … it costs a ton. The agency has made this investment with the belief that the group will return more money. And these idols are not “working for free” for seven months after they started. They continue to be given housing and food, more lessons, and more, and only when they get a better return on their investment do they begin. then pay. Jeans Fou was a big hit in the beginning but it only took two months for them to start paying, while other idols who didn’t get famous took years after making debts to save them in order to make a profit. I do not call them slaves if they choose this path. They knew what the terms were when they signed up. As for Fifty Fifty, do they have a popular song in Korea? I think they’re expecting way too much for a group that’s only seven months old, and that’s the problem here.
– [+67] ^ Fifty Fifty actually cost 8 billion won in initial investment
– [+36] In OP’s opinion, why do companies keep billions of winnings in “slavery”?
– [+41] OP, do you think these companies are charitable organizations that expect them to give out all this training and singing for free??? They rent classrooms, provide housing and food, and sign you up for voice and acting lessons.

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