[PANN] Seolhyun looked so damn pretty in 'I Live Alone'

It looks pretty even on a bad screenshot.

I liked Seolhyun back then ㅠ I hope she appears on TV a lot.

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Source: Pann / Translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Seolhyun looked damn pretty in 'I Live Alone'
1. [+126, -36]
Wow…the downvotes are crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋ from what I remember, Seolhyun didn't do anything wrong so it makes me sad to see that there are so many people hating.

2. [+115, -18]
Seolhyun's personality seems to be quite naive… Her personality is a bit rare among those older female celebrities who grow up and become more calculating

3. [+76, -22]
She is still just as pretty

4. [+74, -23]
Seolhyun…she used to have such a devoted group of fans in the female and male communities…that gif with a dress is incredibly cute.

5. [+70, -11]
All because of that attention, everyone hit rock bottom. Just thinking about it makes me shake with anger.
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