[PANN] An image that reflects Jang Wonyoung’s real life

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Article: Images that convey Jang Won-young’s real life.

One. [+26, -1]
There are many idols and actresses who are 173cm tall, but there is really no idol with a small head, long legs, feminine bones, and mannequin proportions like Jang Wonyoung. Pretty face aside, it's amazing how inhumane the proportions are… No matter how much celebrities claim that their bones are different, size 44 is not tall. However, it is surprising that Jang Won-young looks so feminine for her height. Looks like an elf…

2. [+24, 0]
I found this here. legendary

three. [+18, 0]
Aside from the beauty, the proportions are really unrealistic…

4. [+8, 0]
Wow hahahaha

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Numbers 1 and 6 are my style.
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