Lee Se Young reveals she acquired eight kg for the character progression of her in “The Red Sleeve”


1. [168] I did not have any idea she received eight kg, I thought she simply arbitrarily have much more beautiful ㅎㅎ she is really quite ㅠㅠ

2. [31] I’d no thought, I simply believed she kept becoming more beautiful and more attractive

3. [30] She is right, it is getting harder and harder to control the weight of mine as I become older. I believe it is awesome she is setting up this much work for her character! ??

4. [10] She is so pretty ?’ ?’

5. [6] She is such a class act, therefore pretty ❤️❤️❤️

6. [8] I seriously find her more beautiful considering the weight gain

7. [5] I am hoping she becomes much more popular ? I am very curious what her upcoming drama will be. I want it is something with Junho again..

8. [5] She is a goddess regardless of the weight ❤️

9. [2] I assumed Deokim seemed to be prettiest within her thirties ❤️

10. [1] Exactly how does she get more beautiful after getting a lot more weight…

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