Taemin moves out of the army band because of deteriorating emotional well-being

1. [+1,450] I’ve seen that there are many individuals who don’t think wretchedness is nothing to joke about? I really want to believe that you experience it for yourself one day. You won’t ever have the option to say something very similar.

2. [+1,033] We won’t ever know the solution to “why?” except if we are from their perspective. Simply remain silent in the event that you don’t have any idea what somebody’s going through. Assuming that you’re a fan, simply say track down the strength and backing them. Regardless of whether actually or intellectually, there is no compelling reason to point fingers at somebody who is having bad days.

3. [+1,096] After perusing the remarks, I can see the reason why certain individuals experience the ill effects of sorrow;

4. [+702] I can’t envision his hard times, he must’ve gone through after appearing as an artist at such a youthful age ㅠㅠㅠ track down strength ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+375] As somebody managing a frenzy issue myself… the battle to live, Taemin-!!! You can do it!!!!

6. [+346] I might in any case want to adulate him for venturing out as an officer

7. [+124] The remarks are making me need to help him

8. [+95] After perusing a few remarks here, I can see the reason why famous people get gloom and frenzy issues

9. [+374] I think he knew what the remarks would resemble so he decided to stick it out for a long time although he’s been experiencing these conditions way before his selection… It would’ve been more agreeable for him assuming he had recently gone into public help from the beginning.

10. [+89] Ah.. despondency… track down strength…

Source:  Instagram

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