Lee Da In celebrates her birthday


Article: Lee Da In takes the ‘best part’ for the birthday

Source: Newsis via Nate

[+201, -1] Born with a stolen spoon

[+112, -0] Fortune tellers used to say that Lee Seung Gi would be safe from any natural disaster in his life… but she couldn’t avoid this one. When you turn on the TV, it’s full of CFs of Lee Seung Gi… now it’s gone.

– [+56] TV can’t stop because of this couple

– [+34] I always change the channel when I see them

– [+30] She had one … with Frank Burger

[+70, -1] It really shows how much your life can change depending on who you choose for your partner. He chose money over the actions and karma that will get him in the end.

[+64, -0] Those thick skinned sisters. I’m sure there are still people milking them in real life because they’re rich in the end.

[+40, -0] There must be a divine punishment for them

[+12, -0] Tsk tsk tsk

[+4, -1] Oh, can’t stand him

[+5, -2] Too bad Lee Yoobi got all these wonderful genes, this is not cool

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