[THEQOO] Aespa – Hot Mess (Japanese debut)

[THEQOO] <a href=aespa – Hot Mess (Japanese debut)

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Source: Deoku / translation: Ketizenstars
Article: aespa – Hot Mess (Japanese Debut)

1. I really like this song.

2. I'm listening to it right now and I really like it ㅠ

3 That? Korean version released

4. When will the music video come out?
> 6pm!

5. The song is so unique haha. I think it's addictive.

6. The song is like this.. I'm waiting for the MV

7. It was totally Espa

8. So is Espa just debuting in Japan? I thought they already did it.

9. Huh? There's no music videoㅜㅜ I like the song

10. Wow! The song was really good.

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