Lee Hyori talks about wanting to have a child but battling fertility issues

1. If there’s anyone who is most difficult on is Lee Hyori. However, she is able to be authentic and optimistic throughout the whole thing.

2. I hope that couples who really want children like this could be blessed with blessings. Oh, what a shame. I’m sure good news await her.

3. I’ll hope that she has the baby very soon.

4. This is the reason why deciding for a DINK couple must be made with a lot of thought! If you end up regretting it later on It’s going to be a battle.

5. Sending her positive energy.

6. Their child would be so beautiful if they could have one.

7. Don’t be regretful. Make it a point to have a baby. You’ll be satisfied.

8. I understand the frustration of wanting one, but not receiving one. I believe that so long as you desire it, you’ll receive it. I will always be there for her happiness.

9. A baby is bound to come to you, regardless of whether it’s next year or in six years.

10. It’s not always about age. Some women are having a difficult time getting pregnant as they get older.


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